Authorizations as event traffic controller

An event traffic controller can only be deployed for simple traffic controlling tasks such as a stop sign at a crosswalk during the four-evenings walk or directing drivers to the designated parking space. The independent control of traffic at an intersection for all directions of travel is not a task for the event traffic controller, but for professional traffic controllers, the police and the Royal Marechaussee.

What is allowed?

  • Provide directions necessary for his task at the designated location
  • Take supporting measures (eg placing signs and fences) as agreed by the organization with the road authority.

What is not allowed?

  • Controlling traffic at a location of your choice
  • Controlling traffic in a different way than indicated by the organization in the post and task instructions (and as the organization has agreed with the road authority)
  • Give directions other than what he is instructed to do
  • Giving directions inside or from a vehicle. This means that the directions given by a traffic controller while he / she is driving are not official directions and do not have to be followed by other road users.

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